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MUSICIAN swiss-american

Silvie Rider writes lyrics and songs, plays piano
and performs on stage as a Singer in Duos, Trios, Quintet
up to Big Bands, favorably as well as with an Orchestra.

(e.g. Hamburg, Germany, University of Music, Contest
of Ballades 1998).

Music Style:
Dynamic, creative, ‘phrasing-groove and feeling'
pronounced, energetic and sensitive, wonderful Jazz.
Songs up-tempo and Ballades, lyrics in English and French,
French Chansons as well as her own Compositions.

Silvie is born and raised in Switzerland, with parts of her family living in France and Austria. Silvie discovered the Great World of Sound and Music at the age of 6 years at the piano of her pastor-uncles
house in Murten , by experimenting: playing simple notes and chords on the piano for hours: Listening, *sentir-spueren-feeling* the energy of the sound; this is the way Silvie wrote and writes her songs
and compositions. She became absolutely mesmerized and resonates with the World of Music. Constant classical piano lessons followed later after this essential "key-childhood-experience".

At sixteen Silvie pursued a teaching Certification at The Teachers Seminary in Thun, Switzerland. Nora von Kresz, her classical piano teacher, introduced her to more of the Great European Classical Music and Composers as well as great Artists of all Nationalites. At eighteen she applied for an AFS (American Field Service)-Student Exchange spending a year in the U.S.A. where she lived with a wonderful host family in Annapolis,MD. She came in contact with Jazz, particularly by hearing the jazz vocalist Betty Carter in Washington D.C. This year in USA influences her life essentially.

Back in Switzerland Silvie passed with great honors the Examinations in Teaching, then moves to Bern and starts her Studies in Music, Paedagogic and Sports at the University as well as at the "Swiss Jazz School SJS" in Bern. Luckily she meets Fritz Pauer,the great Composer, Mysic and Pianist from Vienna,and studies Music with him for 2 Semesters. The Director changes to Joe Haider and she continued her SJS Studies, and at the same time Studies at the University of Bern, obtaining her Swiss University Diploma in Sports and Paedagogie. At this period there was no way to obtain a diploma in vocals at the Swiss Jazz School so Silvie tours in Germany with the Jazz Student Band 'Citron Presse' and "discovers" Munich as the next musical Station.

In Munich Silvie sings and performes as Lead Singer with various Jazz Rock Fusion Bands as well as doing Studio work. With "Starfighter" she writes all lyrics and composes together with her musician friends recording a CD.-She recorded 3 CD's on her own, and performs with the *Silvie Rider Art Duo* playing Jazz Songs and Chansons at private elegant Events or e.g the Ballad Contest at the Music University in Hamburg 1998 with Orchestra and appearson on TV. In 1999 and 2004 she performs at the MUNICH JAZZFEST with the *Silvie Rider Band*, see PRESS.

At the same time Silvie works as Music-and Vocal Teacher and Dozent in Private and at Music Schools as well as Acting Schools in Munich. Music School “Ohrwurm“ in Schwabing, followed by 6 month teaching at the Tschechov Acting School. From 2000-2003 Silvie taught at the ISSA (Inter-National School Schauspiel Acting), and 2003-2007 at the Music School in Unterhaching.

Further stations in short:
Tokyo, Japan - six months in different Clubs playing piano and singing.
Always loved places and performances are in Nice and Paris in France.

Silvie met the great Pianist and B3 Hammond Organist Red Young ( while he was touring in Europe with Eric Burdon and the Animals in 2006. They married one year later and live together now in Austin,Tx. U.S.A.
Silvie says about her daily life today: "It is learning, meditating, creating, improving, evolving...enjoying &celebrating life! When playing Jazz, singing old and new songs and compositions, I long to contact with my beloved family and friends in Europe and meeting new Soul Friends from all over the world that like contributing to a great Art-&Music Community."

New CD:
*Je Te Connais*, a Red Young Production, CD-Release February 18th 2010
at the famous Jazz Club The Elephant Room, which Wynton Marsalis calls one of the 10 best Jazz Clubs in the U.S.A. see Homepage, to get the CD go - v2.0                                                                                                         IMPRINT